How to build load testing system from scratch and improve it

Day 1 /  / Track 1  /  RU / Introduction to technology

Anatolii will tell about building load testing system from scratch and supporting it with a few limitations of financial organisation. He will cover the following questions:

  • what to begin with;
  • which methods and technologies you should choose early on and which could be chosen in the process;
  • how to form SLA on business processes and web services when your partners don't give you clear requirements;
  • how to weave all kinds of load testing into software development and make sure it does quarantee the quality;
  • how to perform load testing in the production environment using real money and valuable findings;
  • how to arrange performance monitoring and automate launch and control of the tests;
  • how to interact with several teams within one big company and achieve the single result — performance evolution in all parameters: processes and components bandwidth, requests and transactions response time, web pages rendering time.

This talk will be useful both for those who only start to (or want to start) look into load testing and for those who've already built working system in their company and want to improve it.

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