Public blockchains: What could possibly go wrong?

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Зачем тестировщикам blockchain? Это просто маркетинг? Доклад от Rhian Lewis, которая последние 5 лет занимается проектами на основе blockchain и доступно объяснит, как их можно тестировать.

High-level view of languages and frameworks commonly used to build blockchain applications, with a focus on Solidity (the language used for Ethereum applications).

As a tester, how does one deal with a constantly moving target where governance, environments (testnets and mainnet) and the languages themselves are changing on an almost weekly basis? How does a tester establish baselines for ensuring transaction fees do not rise so much that the application becomes non-economic? There have already been several high-profile cases where millions of dollars have been either stolen or locked up for ever.

This talk highlights a checklist of common vulnerabilities and provides advice about how to guard against them. The talk is aimed at test and security professionals and developers who may not already be working in the blockchain area, but who are interested in this exciting new technology.

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